Our Services

Let us keep you secure

Global Security Ops is a full-service security operation, meaning we can assist you build out your security governance, operationalizing your perimeter and internal security controls, assist you with your physical security needs.


We can help you whether you are a third-party contracting firm to a federal agency, a federal agency who needs help complying to regulatory requirements or a private/public firm who needs help staying compliant to a specific framework.

Cyber Security

Global Security Ops specializes in assisting companies and federal agencies with their cyber security needs whether the need be with their perimeter security controls, internal security controls or with governance GSO can help.

Compliance To Regulation

With the ever-growing data theft by malicious actors both governments and companies are forcing more stringent compliance controls on the third parties who support them. GSO can help you with ensuring you meet the compliance requirements being placed on you.

Physical Security

Global Security Ops has many years’ experience helping companies and federal agencies ensure their facilities and people are secure. We have the knowledge and ability to ensure if a natural disaster, geo-political, or man-made disaster occurs, your operations will stay up by building out your BCP/DR plans and conducting exercises to ensure your people know their responsibilities if a disaster strikes.

Government Contracting

Third-Party firms that support the federal government have stringent regulatory requirements you must adhere to. GSO is here to help you make sure you are prepared and fully operationalized with the security controls set forth in those requirements.